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MH16 Mercury Accelerator/Activator 12 oz Aerosol Can - 6 pk


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MH16 Mercury Accelerator/Activator 12 oz Aerosol Can - 6 pk
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Product Overview

6 PK Carton


Mercury 12oz  Aerosol Activator

DESCRIPTION: Mercury MH16 is a General Activator accelerator. It is ozone friendly and used for normal curing of cyanoacrylates, depositing a correct balance of neutralizing ions on the surface, stimulating attrition for the adhesive and preparing the surface for bonding.

APPLICATIONS: Mercury MH16 is primarily designed for fast cure of thick deposits or for post curing outside the bond line. MH16 prevents absorption of the lower viscosity superglues into porous items. MH16 helps bridge gaps which decrease polymerization time.


  • Mercury MH16 can be used to speed cure by brushing or spraying onto the surface
  • Applying drop wise, the superglue and then over spraying to cure fillets such as on wire tacking jobs
  • Works best under repeated applications rather than one excessively large application.